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Tuesday, 30 September, 2008

30-09-2008 Views

Hi, Yesterday all the world indices are down . Dow came down shedding maximum points in its history, making the financial markets of the world jittery. Nifty went up to 3999 and came down and finished at3850. Nifty may show little upward movement technically but to shed the gain again. My target is 3550 and 3500. Follow up: yesterday it was suggested to buy 3800 put and 4100 c with total investment around Rs15000/-.Now the position is under loss at Rs. 12295/-.However if the traders could sell both the options at their high they would have gained around Rs.1750/-. Since nifty has become very volatile due to the rejection of financial bail out plan by the US government the same position can be held. DISCLAIMER: THE READERS SHOULD TAKE DECISION AFTER FOLLOWING THEIR OWN ANALYSIS. THE AUTHOR CAN BE NOWAY HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSSES.

Sunday, 28 September, 2008

29-09-2008 Views

Hi, Nifty showed some bullishness on Thursday and on Friday it gave away all the gains of previous day and entered bearish mode. Now the Nifty is poised at 3985 and if market surpasses this level and crosses 4100 the target is around 4190 and above 4300. If market goes below 3800 with momentum the target may be around 3700 and 3500 . Hence it is prudent to buy 3900 P and 4100c . At present 3900p is around 85 and 4100 c is 213.65 . total investment will be around Rs.15000/ Please do your own analysis before following this recommendation. Best of luck in trading.

Saturday, 20 September, 2008

22-09-2008 Views

Hi, Nifty went up with a bang and finished 207 points up. It closed above critical resistance level 4200 (now critical support), below which it may touch 3895 and 3875.If Nifty cannot rebound from this level it may see some more downside. If Nifty sustains above 4200 then it may reach 4300 and above 4400 where again it will see some selling pressure. It is prudent to buy 4200 c when market tanks first and hedge with 3900 put and carry through. Please don't follow this recommendation blindly with out doing your own analysis.The author is noway responsible for any losses.

Thursday, 11 September, 2008

11-09-2008 Views

Hi, Nifty behaving like what it was written in this spot on 10-8-2009.Nifty couldnot breach the higher level and came down . It lost 68 points to finish at 4400 level.If Nifty does not go below 4350 lenels then it will rebound and reach 4500 again.If it goes down it may touch my target 4200 and below. Please take decisions based on your own analysis.

Wednesday, 10 September, 2008

10-9-2008 Views

Hi, Nifty went up above 4500 but couldnot sustsin there and came down and created a red bar.That is closed below the day's opening. This is a negative sign and nifty may go down. My target is 4200 downside and 4600 in the upperside. Disclaimer: This is my views and you need not follow this views without confirming with your own analysis.

Friday, 5 September, 2008

5-9-2008 Views

Hi, On 4-9-2008 Nifty started reacting and closed at 4447 which is above support level of 4440. Which is also 55 EMA . So chance is that Nifty may rebound from 4440 then the h&s pattern is negated. If Nifty goes down below 4440 then Nifty may touch 4200then3800, then even 3500. Between 4440 and 4200 there is support at 4382and 4369. We can continue to hold the long strangle which was mentioned yesterday. Please trade according to your own analysis. The author is not resposible for any loss. Happy trading.

Thursday, 4 September, 2008

04-09-2008 Views

Hi , Nifty is above 4500 . But on 2-8-2008 it went high to touch 4522 but it could not pass above resistance point of4540. And also it is forming reversal pattern (head and shoulder) . It may retrace to 4200 the neck level and if it goes down further low can be seen. On the contrary if nifty moves above 4540 it may reach 4600. Now it may be prudent to buy 4600 call and 4500 put. Please take decision on your own analysis. Happy trading.

Tuesday, 2 September, 2008

2-09-2008 Views

Hi friends, nifty was rangebound and it was playing with in the levels mentioned earlier. Yesterday it has come to 4350 levels. Yesterday US market was closed. IF Nifty is lifted up it goes upto 4440 level and it may retrace if it cannot move up convincingly. Take care. Take your own decisions .The author cannot be held responsible for any shortfalls for folowing the levels mentioned in the blog.

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