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Tuesday, 19 February, 2008

19-2-2008 Views

Hi, Yesterday Indian markets were subdued and closed lower.NSE opened at the same levelas previous close and climbed to 5348.60 made low on profit booking and closed 0.49% lower.USA market was not there being holiday on Monday due to Presidents day our market on Tuesday may be subdued and more on consolidation.Only the budget hopes will lift the market. Wish you happy trading. NSE BSE Prev Close:5302.90 Prev Close:18115.25 Open :5304.45 Open :18228.21 High :5348.60 High :18256.82 Low :5224.00 LOw :17900.96 Close :5276.90 Close :18048.05 Change : -26 Change : -67.20

Monday, 18 February, 2008

18-2-2008 Views

Hi, Last week Indian Market saw some uptrend,like we anticipated that Indian Market will take global market as a trend setter. Younger sion of Ambani family, Anil Ambani has anounced that RELIANCE POWER is considering a bonus issue for retail investers.Will it be a 1:1 or a different ratio only will be known next week which is February contract closing week as well as budget week. So the Indian Market is going to see some ephoria. Make hay when sun shines. Happy trading. NSE Prev close:5202.00 Open :5202.85 High :5315.40 Low :5104.75 Close :5302.90

Thursday, 14 February, 2008

14-2-2008 views

Today NSE market opened with gapup and slowly went up and the index closed at5202This is justabove the 200DMA.with5.53% raise. Will the market be bullish upto budget ornot ?Most likely the market will open down and go up . So be watchfull for the first hour and enter with stop loss.My gutfeeling is the market will follow the DOW. Wish you all happy trading. NSE Prv close:4929.45 OPen :4944.65 High :5220.25 Low :4944.65 Close :5202.00

Tuesday, 12 February, 2008

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 12-2-2008 Views Dear friends,After a long time i am posting in this blog.The share market corrected and they are in bears hands.When will the bulls take upper hand. Only the market makers can say. In the mean time the retail investers can be happy by not daytrading. They can buy good value shares at very low rates ( we cannot say the market has bottomed out and so we should buy only very small quantities).Another option , we can buy niftybees at regular intervals whenever market goes down and carry them for the market to find new historical high.May GOD bless the new inexperienced traders.Market levels at EOD . NSE: PrevClose Open High Low Close 4857.00 4877.85 4949.60 4820.45 4838.25

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