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Tuesday, 26 August, 2008

26-08-2008 Views

Hi, Nifty closed at 4335 and it is at support level. If nifty goes down it will get support near 4220, 4200 below which it may go to 4190. If it rebounds from 4220 range it has to pass 4400 to move further. please do your own analysis before taking any decision. Happy trading.

Monday, 25 August, 2008

25-08-2008 Views

Hi, Nifty is at support level and it may move according to the world indices. It it comes down it may get support at 4250 and next support lies around 4220-4190. The market may re bound from 4200 range and move above 4500. Please dont follow this views blindly . Do your own analysis before taking decisions to trade.The author is not responsible for any losses. The author wishes the visitors profitable trading.

Wednesday, 20 August, 2008

20-08-2008 Views

Hi friends, Nifty after touching 4317 rebounded to finish at 4368. Now Nifty may go up and cross 4400 then 4426 . If fails to cross 4426 convincingly It may come down to touch 4250. Incidently in future graph there is a upward gap at 4250 which has to be closed. it may rebound from 4250. Please take your own judgement in taking decision to trade. The author is not responsible for any loss .

Tuesday, 19 August, 2008

19-08-2008 Views

Hi friends, As it was discussed yesterday,Nifty has come down to 4400 and has not rebounded from 4400 but gone below. Now it has to be seen if Nifty rebounds from this level. IF it does not move up then 4332,4300,4200,4190 levels will be seen. IF the correction is sharp we may see 3800 also. IF Nifty goes above 4450 then we can see some up move. Visitors should be careful and take decisions as per their own judgement.Author is not responsible for any loss. Wish you a profitable trading.

Monday, 18 August, 2008

18-08-2008 Views

Hi, Friends,Nifty has negated its upmove and some down side may be seen. But if nifty rebounds from4420,4400 level then it has to cross 4469and 4480 to show some upmove. IF it crosses 4524 and sustains at that level we can golong with 4430 as stoplossI and 4420 as stop lossII.Now Nifty is like a cat on the wall. Be watchfull and take your decision based upon your own judgement.THe author cannot be blamed for your losses. Wish you profitable trading.

Friday, 8 August, 2008

08-08-2008 Views

Hi, Nifty is stuggling to go up . Nifty is coming down after touching the top in its secong trip up and coming down. If nifty goes goes below 4500 it will take support at4370 and may come up. If it fails to come up then it will slde to 4200.Below 4200,3850and 3800 is not ruled out.On upperside it has to cros 4600 to go up. If any decision is taken to trade based upon the above views it is taken at the trader's own risk. The author wishes all the best in the trading.

Tuesday, 5 August, 2008

5-8-2008 Views

Hi, Due to other work at home I could not post my views for some time. From today I will post my views regularly. Nifty couldnot sustsin at high level and started reacting on 4-8-2008. Today Nifty may witness selling price and may touch 4230 first and further coming down it may even touch 4100. I have bought one 4100put. If the market goes above 4400 then resistance will be around 4500. Wish the readers a happy trading. Disclaimer: The author is not resposible for any loss due to any action taken based upon the views mentioned by him.

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